about us

welcome to soul full studio

My name is Savannah and I am delighted to have you stop by the studio. Soul Full Studio first launched to incorporate my jewelry designs, however, I have recently brought my partner to the studio. Allow me to introduce you to oh-so-talented (and love of my life), Drake Bialecki, owner of Pacific Stone Pottery. It has been our dream to collaborate in the studio and own a shop together. Now, here we are! Soul Full Studio will continue to offer my complete jewelry collections with the addition of Drake's pottery collections for the home. Who knows... we may even have some collaboration pieces in the future. We appreciate your support as we launch this new phase of our studio and we cannot wait to share this dream with you! 



about savannah

I have always been inspired by art and nature. Growing up my Auntie was a source of creativity and inspiration. She was trained as a pottery sculptor, painter, and jeweler in the Bay Area. We would spend time together in her studio as well as walk on the sandy shores looking for objects with unique textures and shapes. These treasures from nature would be brought home and incorporated into our art. To this day, we continue this practice of bringing nature into our art. 

I took my first lost wax casting class while in college studying environmental protection. This is where I fell in love with the process. It incorporated everything that my Auntie taught me. Through this medium, I was able to combine my passion for the environment with the alchemy of metalsmithing to turn elements into timeless heirlooms. 

I find creating jewelry to be a time of emotional and spiritual healing. I wish to create jewelry that represents an everlasting purity that connects us to our spirit and our soul. I believe that a powerful connection can be made between jewelry and the wearer - becoming more than an adornment but a form to connect us to our beauty, spirit, and soul. 


about drake

Drake Bialecki is a Farm Certification Service Specialist at CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), studio potter, pottery teacher, and social media advocate based in Santa Cruz, California. He received his BA in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Agroecology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. While in school, he also dedicated time pursuing an apprenticeship/production potter position at both Dark Horse Pottery and Santa Cruz Pottery. His professional experience includes being the 2014/2015 International Volunteer Potter at The Leach Pottery in St Ives, Cornwall U.K., cellar hand at Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz, CA, and a pottery instructor at Good Life Ceramics in Santa Cruz, CA. Drake founded Pacific Stone Pottery in 2017 and looks forward to connecting people with handmade pottery and farm fresh food.

Throughout history, art and craft has documented the existence of human civilization. From primordial times through today, our presence has been recorded in every medium imaginable. Although there are many ways of creating and expressing oneself in the 21st century, Drake has found his passion in clay and farming. Sitting and throwing at the wheel has become a meditative process that allows Drake to focus on each individual piece and produce an abundance of aesthetically pleasing forms. Drake's functional pottery is a product of his personal experiences in and out of the ceramic world relating to his formative high school ceramics courses, traveling the globe in search of wonderment and beauty, and most importantly, his apprenticeships at Dark Horse Pottery and the Leach Pottery. While it is true that Drake has been strongly influenced by his unique and knowledgeable instructors over the past 15 years, he holds a serious appreciation and respect for the natural world.


our dream

My first jewelry bench was in Drake’s pottery studio. The feeling was natural and we have been creating alongside each other ever since. Our dream is to share our love of our art with you. We would like to do this by opening a studio where you can view both our work together. Both Drake and I practice ancient art forms that have been used throughout history. These time-honored traditions make us feel connected to the natural world and to those who have come before us. We hope that our art will inspire you, as well as the generations to come.