Soul Full Studio practices the ancient art of lost wax casting. Each piece is hand carved in wax, then sent to a local caster to be transformed into bronze, silver, or gold. A process that can only be described as magic. The pieces are returned and further transformed through several phases of hand polishing.

I find creating jewelry to be a time of emotional and spiritual healing. I wish to create jewelry that represents a timeless purity that connects us to our spirit and our soul. I believe that a powerful connection can be made between jewelry and the wearer - becoming more than an adornment yet a form to connect us to the spirits of nature, as well as our bodies and souls. 

In my collections, I have several pieces that are individually made, meaning no two are alike. I also have pieces that I have pressed into molds, ensuring that I can recreate these designs for years to come. 

Custom orders are available by request.